Joe Daly - Kids Magician

The Kids Magic Show

Joe Daly is a full time professional magician and children’s parties are his speciality!

He is easily one of the very busiest children’s entertainers in the business and the majority of his shows come from repeat business or referrals from other customers. His shows really are that good!

His magic shows are absolutely brilliant fun for all age groups between 4-12.

Each show is packed full of really cool modern magic and mini illusions, all presented with Joe’s unique style of comedy and energy.

He is so confident in his abilities that he offers a money back guarantee. Either you think the show is absolutely brilliant and the kids LOVE it, or it’s free!

Joe absolutely stands by that 100%.

Check out the screen shots from customers’ texts and mails to Joe on his Testimonials page.

*actual images from Joe's shows

Joe Daly is BRILLIANT!Pat Kenny

The Magic

Each magic show is pitched exactly right to the audience age and size in question.

He will take them on a rollercoaster ride throughout the show. They will be rolling around laughing one minute and completely silent in absolute fascination the next.

The show intertwines visual spectacle, theatrics, Joe’s acting abilities and utilises music and sound effects that are simply awesome!

Joe is the real deal when it comes to magic. He has never ever had a ‘real’ job and has only ever earned his living performing shows. His love of magic began at age 6 and he has been in love with it ever since.

Underneath all the comedy and fun, Joe is an extremely skilled magician and performer. He even starred in and designed his own show called ‘Magick Macabre’ which was produced by the producers of Riverdance and played in Dublin’s Olympia theatre for an entire month.


A Theatre in your Living Room or Venue

Joe’s love of theatre, acting and spectacle is bought right into your home or venue. He has an array of theatrical backdrops that he can set up right in your own living room or venue…in less than a minute! It adds a real WOW factor before the show even begins.

I've seen Joe's show first hand, he is extraordinary! I can see now why he's so busy. From a business point of view he has it just right. He charges the same as the competition but offers something better" Gavin Duffy
Dragons Den

*actual images from Joe's shows

The Balloons

Apart from being a master magician, Joe is also ridiculously good (and fast) at making balloon animals and shapes. How about a dog with sunglasses and a brain inside his head, a light sabre, laser guns, flying mice or a flower! You name it, Joe can pretty much make it!

If it’s a birthday party, the birthday child receives the coolest balloon of all…but that’s a secret for now.


Ok, so he’s one of the best kids’ entertainers out there. He must be very expensive? The good news is Joe charges pretty much the same as the competition.

Hiring a magician for your party shouldn’t be a game of chance!! Booking a sub-standard magician can turn your party into a disaster. This is why Joe offers his money back guarantee. The show is brilliant, or it’s free.

Call or text Joe on 087 2352537 or email him at and make your next event unforgettable.